The condition of buses was checked in Uzhgorod – recommendation for carriers (PHOTOS)

Many significant violations of the decisions of the executive committee of the Uzhgorod City Council and the requirements of the motor transport legislation by the carriers were revealed during a visual inspection of city buses, which was carried out by a working group at the order of the Mayor Bohdan Andriyiv.
Carriers were advised to decommission more than 50 obsolete buses, including those that had been on long-term repairs or had not been used for a long time, as new “Electrons” have been running on the routes.
In addition, 34 buses do not meet the sanitary requirements, 49 buses have technical faults, 43 buses have minor defficiencies.
Carriers were also advised not to use buses below the Euro-2 environmental level on city routes.
The carriers must remedy the faults found by the working group by April 2.
Over the past two years, 20 modern comfortable low-floor buses with a capacity of more than 100 people conforming to the Euro-5 environmental standard were purchased in Uzhgorod. The purchased "Electrons" are adapted for transportation of persons with disabilities and other low-mobility persons.
Uzhgorod Municipal Transport utility of Uzhgorod city council serves three routes:
№ 18 “Epicenter hypermarket – UzhNU” (via Sandor Petofi Square, Koryatovich Square);
№ 20 "Domanyntsi – Market via Koryatovich Square”;
№ 24 "Dravtsi – UzhNU" (via the train and bus stations, Nove neighbourhood). 

Press Service of Uzhgorod City Council


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