The church land conflict in Uzhgorod will be resolved court and the city council will meet after Easter

The plenary session of Uzhgorod city council scheduled for tomorrow will not take place.

Recall that on Thursday, April 6, high-profile land issues were to be considered, like the conflict between churchmen, because of which priests and faithfuls of the UOC of Moscow Patriarchate blocked the session of the City Council.

But the deputies will meet later, and in the meantime the issue will be dealt with in Uzhgorod court. This was reported by the City Hall.

"Today, April 5, there was the joint meeting of the standing committees of Uzhgorod city council – they considered the findings of the interim working group that studied the issue of land allocation to religious communities which caused the conflict at the last week’s session.

The head of the working group, the City Council secretary Andriana Sushko said that since, according to the legal department, the litigation between the parties is ongoing, it was suggested to withdraw the draft decision from the agenda of the session until the case is resolved on the merits in the courts.

The deputies supported the proposition and also decided that the next session meeting would be held after the Easter holidays", – Uzhgorod City Council informed.

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