The campaign “Let’s Make Ukraine clean together!” kicks off again (Announcement)

The campaign "Let’s Make Ukraine clean together!" is a part of the worldwide movement "Let’s Do It! World", which brings together more than 13 million people in 113 countries each year on the chosen day to clean out their country, to take care of the ecology of our planet.

The aim is to educate citizens on responsible attitude to the environment by uniting public, commercial and government sector to address issues of waste management.

The project involves public organizations, commercial companies and state enterprises, whose employees join the campaign at the level of corporate social responsibility.

The campaign "Let’s Make Ukraine clean together!" does not support any political party and is a non-profit project.

It is a social project conducted exclusively on a voluntary basis.

In 2016, "Make Ukraine clean together!" will take place on April 23 from 10.00 to 20.00 in the form of the "Holiday of tidiness" and will unite the whole country.

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