The best ones have been awarded. The ceremony of the “Leader of the Year” – 2013 (PHOTOS)

April 5, in Uzhgorod there was the 11th ceremony of the "Leader of the Year" rating, which annually determines the best of the best persons in the various fields of Transcarpathia. The leaders are traditionally determined by the Expert Council of the rating consisting of leading journalists of the region. 

According to the host of the event, the chief editor of the "Nedilya" paper, which also launched the "Leader of the Year", Mykhailo Noso, determination of the winners of this year was particularly tense – over the past few months, council members have been vigorously debating and because of that the ceremony took place a little later – usually it is held in February.

This year, as previously reported, journalists choose the following: 

Manufacturer of the region – Construction Ceramics Factory "Rusyniya LLC" the village of Ivanivtsi;

Cultural and educational activities – "Rock H" band;

School, teacher – Fencing School at SPC "Harmony" Uzhgorod.

Hotel service – "Volnohora" Complex the village of Lisarnya;

Tourism business, festivals – "Krasiya" ski resort, Velyky Berezny district;

Medical, health facility, physician – "Way of Life" medical-social rehabilitation center;

Catering, shopping centers, restaurateurs – "Shchodnya" TRC, the city of Mukachevo.

Entrepreneur, company – PE "Svit myasa", the village of Zhukovo, Mukachevo district.

Top manager of the year – Miroslav Hisem, manager of "ComInvestBank" JSC;

Public figure – Bishop Theodore;

Media, journalist – Larysa Lipkan, author program "Clutch";

Politician of the year – Oleksandr Ledyda.

Individual awards went to "The Library of the "Stary Zamok" Newspaper" project, Consulate General of Hungary in Uzhgorod and the head of the health department of RSA Roman Shnitser


After the ceremony a small reception was held, during which the winners, nominees and guests had the opportunity to chat in an informal setting.

Girls from the Expert Council make last checks

Bishop Theodore always has something to say to journalists

The "Politician of the Year" also came

Wonderful "compositions" by Valentyn Shtefanyo

Award awaits the delivery

The "Public Figure of the Year" Bishop Theodore

The "Politician of the Year" Head of the Regional State Administration Oleksandr Ledyda,

in the background – the "Top Manager of the Year" Miroslav Hisem

Hosts of the event: editor of the "Nedilya" paper Mykhailo Nosa and correspondent of the 1 +1 channel Nataliya Zotova on the red carpet

Manager of the "Tisa" channel Vitaly Meshcheryakov would like to have such a program, as Larysa Lipkan’s "Clutch"

The young manager of Uzhgorod district Viktor Ledyda apparently made an offer to the winner from Mukachevo district Vitaly Kalinich to relocate his company

The manager of the "Manufacturer of the Year" – Construction Ceramics Factory, Deputy of the Regional Council Andriy Baloha

A moment before a kiss

Charming representatives of the Expert Council

Chief Editor of "M-Studio" Victoria Weiss knows all the plans "Rock H" "producer" Iryna Yantso

"Shchedryk" from "Rock H"


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