Ten protocols – the result of traffic police hunt for violators (PHOTOS)

Following Uzhgorod citizens and journalists, the city traffic police also started hunting for violators of parking rules. 

The service, as uzhgorod.in already reported, organized the demonstration raid in order not only to punish offenders, but also to draw attention to this topic.

The attention, as we know, is already considrable. And the traffic police cheked the "hot spots", starting from Petofi Square. Two protocols were drawn up there already within the first 5 minutes of the raid – against drivers of the cars, parked near pedestrian crossing (parking within ten meters from a crossing is prohibited). 


Then they began the hunt in the so-called pedestrian area. The first "victim" is a Mercedes. The driver is a Mrs. Olga.   Traffic policeman explains that it is prohibited and begins to draw up a protocol.


Then they go to the embankment, to the Hungarian consulate.  Traffic policemen immediately notice several motorists, draw up a couple of protocols and we move on. On Druzhba Narodiv square we saw the "most extraordinary" violator (the one who left the car at the intersection, which, as officers and drivers explain, is very bad because it limits the view of other drivers), but he escaped. Only a photo to remember…


On Pushkin Square there are plenty violators: cars are parked on the sidewalks, sometimes completely blocking the way. However, inspectors can not wait long enough to catch anyone. We have only pictures.


On Koryatovich square, cars, one of which is with Slovak license plates, are parked right on the pedestrian crossing…


We summed up the raid with the head of the city traffic police. Oleksiy Spivak says, "Officers have drawn up about a dozen of reports, however, we can see that there are much more violations. However, according to the law, we can draw up protocols against the driver not against the car, and can not wait for them for hours or even a whole day.  But we do what we can. Also the city residents help us, and are actively publishing photos on the web. Hopefully, the morale factor will have effect."


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