Social project: Flex-Ukraine created an inclusive play space in Mukachevo (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Unlike any other, a playground for children of all ages is located in Kuzmenko Park, near the city center
The Flex company decided to build a children’s playground in Mukachevo that would enable and encourage children of all ages and abilities to play together and interact with each other. After all, playing is one of the most important activities during which a child learns, makes friends and communicates with other children. It is proven that such inclusive play spaces allow children to communicate positively with each other, relieve stress, stimulate creative thinking and the desire to explore, increase self-confidence and enable families to enjoy a productive time together. 
The noble idea has come to life – a children’s play space for leisure, socialization of children with different abilities and adapted for children with special needs has been built and is conveniently located in the city’s central park. 
We hope that this Flex initiative will be the impetus for further development of similar infrastructure in our city and will help families, who raise children with special needs, in their social adaptation, getting to know the world around them, having fun together, and more importantly, will allow other children to understand that we are different, but everyone should have childhood.  



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