Snowboarder Dima from Hemba needs a leg

In social networks they collect funds to help Dmytro Belyaev, who, as wrote, along with his fellow suffered from an avalanche near the Hemba mountain in Mizhhirya district on January 12. The guy spend 28 hours in the snow with broken legs. His friend Maxim was found dead.

Dmytro received numerous fractures and severe frostbite. In Uzhgorod hospital he underwent a surgery – had one leg amputated, the other one was saved. Now Dmytro is at home in Poltava, in the local hospital.

Dmytro’s friends say they can not imagine Squirrel (that’s how they call their friend) without movement. They call the guy a perpetual motion. Therefore, in the social network "Vkontakte" they have started a group "The Running Squirrel", where they plan to collect about 50-70 thousand dollars. That is the cost of a modern bionic prosthesis that will help Dmytro walk and run again. The friends have already found a good rehabilitation prosthetics center in Moscow.

Part of the funds raised will be given to the family of Maxim Ponomarenko, who died in an avalanche. He left a wife and a 10-month-old son.
Anyone who cares can transfer funds for treatment of Dmytro and support of the family of his friend Maxim, who did not survive. The organizers say that any sum matters.

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