Snow-covered Transcarpathian bears (PHOTOS)

The Rehabilitation Center for brown bears at the National Park "Synevyr" has been operating since 2011. Its purpose is to rehabilitate brown bears who have been abused and kept in captivity in violation of environmental legislation.

The aviary of the Rehabilitation Center for brown bears is located on 12 hectares of forest. In its upper part, there are 6 cages and 2 sections for keeping groups and individual animals of different ages and health condition, with pools and dens. The whole territory is fenced off with an electric wire. The center’s staff have developed a diet and nutrition, macro- and microelements, and proteins, for each bear individually. This allowed to provide the animals with high-quality food and promoted their growth, weight gain and development. 

At present, there are 25 bears in the center. 16 of them are males, and 9 are females.

Source: National Park Synevyr


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