Second round of the Transcarpathian league of KVN. 2nd game

Two games of the second round of the Transcarpathian league of KVN will be held in the hall of the PADIYUN on February 23 and March 2.

This season the Transcarpathian league has changed the format of competitions: the Championship teams play with "coaches", and the Cup teams – in the usual manner. The teams are divided into two game days (in each game, there are participants of both tournaments). According to the jury scores, a team of the Championship may continue playing in the Championship, or be replaced with a team of the Cup. 

The organizers promise many surprises and exciting moments for the second round games. 

In addition, the Transcarpathian league of KVN traditionally collaborates with the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers: the money raised at the games will be used for the needs of the soldiers in the ATO area. 

So, do not miss it! The games start at 19:00.

Details are on posters. 


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