Road problems

On Monday, April 29, there was the meeting of the Standing committee of the Regional Council on the development of productive forces and production infrastructure, banking and investment (chairman Bohdan Kyniv), which dealt with issues relating to road repair in the region.

First, the deputies agreed on the list of facilities that are funded from the regional budget special fund for the repair and rehabilitation of roads. The Chief of Road Service in the Transcarpathian region Vasyl Markovich read out the report. It is proposed to allocate nearly eight million hryvnias from the special fund.

The consideration of the "road" issue caused a lot of debate among the deputies. Thus, the chairman Bohdan Kyniv noted that the region does not receive enough money for road repairs. This fact was also confirmed by the deputy of the regional council, the director of the "Zakarpatsky Oblavtodor" subsidiary Ivan Horba. "In terms of road funding, Transcarpathia is on the last place in the country", – the deputy stated.

The deputy of the regional council Mykhailo Kachur suggested that the companies, that perform road repairs, should give warranty of quality for works performed, because often "the road get broken just three months after those repairs," – the deputy said.

Deputies also considered a number of appeals of local councils and MPs on the state of roads in Transcarpathia. Thus, the regional council deputy Volodymyr Chubirko filed a request to the management of the region on the situation with road repairs in Chop.

Members of the Regional Council Mykhailo Motylchak and Illya Tokar appealed to the management of the region to include over 14 kilometers of roads between settlements to the title list of Mukachevo district roads of a local importance.

Also at the Committee they discussed the appeal of Bene village community in Beregovo district. The village head and deputies complained: "roads in the village are horrible. The villagers are desperate, they are ready to block the road," – quote from the appeal. The head of the Road Service said that after the Easter holidays they would begin to repair the road in Bene.

The appeal of Rakoshyno community was equally dramatic. It concerns the construction of bypass road and the situation with a large number of accidents in the village. Also the issue of purchase of the land which the road will be laid through, has not been resolved.

This time the head of the Road Service Vasyl Markovich again reported at the committee meeting that currently the money for the construction of the road in Rakoshyno has not been allocated.

Some of the complaints voiced by the commission are scheduled to be considered during the plenary session of the regional council.

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