Regional deputies say that the government should set “green” tariffs for electricity produced from solid household wastes

This is needed to solve the problems of solid domestic waste disposal, to stimulate investment in the construction of incineration plants using the latest technologies, and to create equal conditions for producers of electricity from alternative fuels. Therefore, at the first plenary meeting of the 12th session, the regional deputies approved the decision "On the Appeal of the Transcarpathian Regional Council to set "green" tariffs for electric energy produced from solid waste", which was sent to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.  

The document states that Transcarpathian region, located in the extreme south-west of Ukraine, is the geographical center of Europe.

Taking into account the geopolitical situation of the Transcarpathian region, the problem of solid domestic waste disposal in its territory is extremely important and creates significant investment prospects.

At present, the landfills are overfilled, their limits are approaching residential neighborhoods, 80-90% of the landfills do not meet the requirements on environmental safety and are a direct threat to the lives of people, and also a major threat to the environment

Potential investors have already made propositions for the implementation of a pilot project on the construction of a waste incinerator on the territory of the region.

          However, the absence of "green" tariffs for electricity produced from solid household waste in the current legislation is a constraining factor for potential investors. This significantly increases the payback of projects and significantly reduces interest in investing in the industry.

        Thus, according to the deputies of the Regional Council, the introduction of the "green" tariff is necessary to attract investments in waste incineration and will allow to solve one of the important environmental problems of Transcarpathian region and Ukraine as a whole.

        Taking into account the above, the deputies of the Transcarpathian Regional Council ask to instruct the relevant state authorities to carry out an analysis of the issue and ensure the introduction of appropriate amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Electricity" in the prescribed manner.

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