Redheads will gather in Mukachevo (ANNOUNCEMENT)

The parade of the "kissed by the Sun" is planned to be held in the city on the Latorytsya.

This initiative was presented by the Mukachevo Tourist Information Center based on the holiday, which is traditionally held in the "country of redheads" – the Netherlands.

They always stand out in a gray crowd. There are few of them – just 1 to 3% of the Earth’s population – and they are special: talented, sullen, temperamental, free-spirited. In the dark Middle Ages, in many countries, they were believed to be wizards and witches and burned alive. They are redheads! In early September, all red-haired people on earth celebrate the International Day of Redheads.

The first parade of redheads of Transcarpathia will be held in Mukachevo.

There will be valuable and interesting prizes for the winners in the nominations: the longest red hair, the most beautiful red hair style, the most beautiful redhead girl, the most beautiful redhead man, the reddest family, the reddest couple, the reddest official, etc.

And in different establishments of Mukachevo, there will be discounts and surprises for redheads on this day!", – the organizations invite.

The Parade of Redheads is scheduled for September 3, the beginning is at 18,00, you can follow the event on its page HERE

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