Proper batteries disposal was discussed in Uzhgorod (VIDEO)

On July 26, the meeting of the event organizers on collecting batteries for subsequent recycling took place in Uzhgorod.

This is the second meeting devoted to the subject of collecting batteries for subsequent recycling.

The discussion was attended by about ten people who care about the environmental situation in our region. They talked about how to implement this idea into reality within our city and on a larger scale. The issues that arose those present during the meeting and questions prepared in advance were also discussed.

At the moment, special containers for used batteries are installed at the following addresses:

1) Mall "Dastor" , Sobranetskaya Street, 89 (household chemicals and batteries department)

2) Computer equipment shop "MKT", Sobranetskaya street, 14

3) "NASHA SYLA" shop, Svobody Avenue, 49

Batteries, collected from the containers (not less than 30 kg per time) will be sent to the batteries recycling plant, which is located in Lviv, where they will be disposed.

On the territory of Ukraine this is the only plant that is engaged in such an activity and there are only 4 of them in Europe.

To make this project successful in Uzhgorod, people’s help is needed. People must understand the harm caused by such waste if it is disposed improperly.

Uzhgorod citizens, do not be lazy – collect all the used batteries, that you have, and dispose them in a civilized way, you can help yourself today and provide a more favorable environment for your children.

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