Priests plead for early spring flowers in Transcarpathia

Bishop of Mukachevo Diocese of the GCC Milan (Shashik) and Bishop of Mukachevo diocese of the RCC in Ukraine Antal Maynek appealed to the faithfuls asking them not to pluck primroses and not to buy them from poachers, the reports. According to them, people cause irreparable environmental damage by plucking these flowers.

"Primroses are endangered species, and their number is decreasing every year. Those are all species of snowdrop, saffron (crocus), cyclamen, etc." – they say.

Catholic bishops say that the vast majority of primroses on sale were destroyed by poachers and brought to be sold in bulk.

"They tear off flowers with bulbs to extend their "storage" term. Reproduction of the plants in nature after that is impossible. Cutting flowers without bulbs is also harmful because it leads to genetic degeneration of the plants", – they stress.

The hierarchs emphasize that by buying primroses people contribute to the spread of evil. 

"Therefore, we, as conscious Christians, must break the circle of destruction. So, let us ask God in our prayers for a gift of wisdom, to care for his creatures as our neighbors", – Catholic bishops Milan (Shashik) and Antal Maynek say.

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