“Poetess of the era”: a literary event to mark the anniversary of Lina Kostenko will be held in Uzhgorod

A classic whose works have long been part of the curriculum, become songs, symbols and surround us from all sides.

Uncompromising, principled, persistent, demanding, proud. Sometimes sharp like a razor, with a quick reaction and an extraordinary sense of humor.

All that is about Lina Kostenko.

Lina Kostenko is the case when fearlessness and zero tolerance are inherited genetically and then further tempered by the life hardships and the struggle of a person against the system.

She flatly makes fun of those who keep calling her "conscience of the nation", "moral authority" or even "iron lady", but the image, as they say, has set a long time ago. First of all, from her actions.

The evening will be held in the Transcarpathian Regional Library on March 19, the beginning is at 5 pm.

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