Outdoor advertising will go into hiding: 90% of outdoor advertising in the country may become illegal

The Cabinet approved the bill developed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs that will lead to a massive redistribution of outdoor advertising market, the "Kommersant Ukraine" assumed.

The authors of the document believe that outdoor advertising causes many accidents, even though in the official statistics, advertising is not listed among the major causes of accidents.

The press service of the traffic police were unable to provide data on accidents that occurred due to outdoor advertising. But the official traffic police statistics for January-May stated that the main causes of the accident with victims were speeding (26.1%) and breach of maneuver rules (19.9%).

Participants of the outdoor advertising market claim that this initiative will actually kill the industry. According to the chairman of the Coordinating Council of Outdoor Advertising Association of Ukraine Artem Bidenko, in Ukraine about 40,000 advertising structures, which is about 90% of the outdoor advertising market, are installed on roads. This is a market of 1.2 billion hryvnias (data of the Ukrainian Advertising Coalition for 2012).

Experts agree that the outdoor advertising regulations need to be adjusted. Currently, they are preparing the amendments to the law "On Advertising", submitted by the Committee on Freedom of Expression and Information in 2011, which provide for installation of advertising structures along the roads at the distance of 50-75 m apart within city limits, and at the distance of 1 km outside city limits.

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