New cases of meningococcal disease have been recorded in Uzhgorod

Today, in Uzhgorod city council, the anti-epidemic commission considered at the meeting the case of meningococcal disease in the school №1. The disease was found in a child in the 1st grade, therefore the examination of all people – both children and adults – who have contacted that child was conducted.

Laboratory tests found local form of meningococcal disease – nasopharyngitis – in two more children and disease-free carriage in one adult. All were hospitalized to the regional infectious diseases hospital. 

At the meeting of the anti-epidemic commission, they concluded that there are no medical reasons for the introduction of quarantine measures, disinfection at the school premises should be conducted.

As meningococcus is very unstable in the environment, wet cleaning using special tools, ventilation and other sanitary measures are enough. 

But, since parents, being concerned about the health of children, do not let them to school, and only about a third of students attend classes, the educational process is inefficient.

Therefore, it was decided to suspend training process at the school №1 starting tomorrow, February 14, and resume it on Monday, February 20.   

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