Neighbors have chosen!

In Hungary, no sensation has happened on the political Olympus.

On Monday, March 13, the parliament of Hungary in the second round re-elected the incumbent candidate from the ruling party Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union Janos Ader for the second five-year term of presidency.

According to Reuters, 131 MPs voted for Ader.

His opponent – left opposition candidate, former ombudsman and jurist Laszlo Majtenyi – received 39 votes.

According to the Speaker of the Parliament Laszlo Kover, 170 of 199 deputies voted.

At today’s meeting, both candidates addressed the deputies with 15-minute speeches. Ader summed up his first term and reminded MPs on his promise to ensure the protection of Hungarian interests.

Majtenyi criticized the current government, demanded to return to parliamentary democracy and restore the rule of law. He talked about the high level of poverty, restriction of media freedom and corruption.

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