Neighboring Hungary closes gas stations due to low fuel prices (PHOTOS)

The epidemic of the coronavirus and the cheap oil price in the world has caused a huge drop in fuel prices. Much less people are refueling their cars because of limited long-distance travel options 
Thus, in neighboring Hungary, several Shell gas stations closed because of extremely low fuel prices. In Budapest alone, 5 gas stations of a known chain have closed, while others reduced their work hours. 
In general, the recent price drop is unbelievable – diesel fuel and gasoline are now about 85-100 forints cheaper than a month ago. 
Experts believe that the supply at the domestic market is so high – because of a significant drop in demand – that it immediately affected retail prices. 
In Ukraine, the retail price of gasoline of various brands, diesel fuel, and gas has also decreased significantly. 
In general, due to the quarantine, the demand for fuel in Ukraine has decreased by about 15-18%.  Source.


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