Most of the Transcarpathian ski resorts will open already this weekend

Winter season in Transcarpathia came almost simultaneously with the calendar winter and ski resorts in the region are preparing to start taking tourists already this year. Of course, our region is not covered with snow as much as the capital of Ukraine, so primarily those resorts, that have snow cannons, have began active preparations. 

We offer you information about the state of readiness of Transcarpathian ski centers.

Dragobrat. Skiing runs grade: beginners, medium, experts.

 The grand opening of the resort is scheduled for December 15. As of Dec. 11 the snow layer is about 0.6 meters, but in the coming days, according to the forecast, there will be more snow.

Krasiya. Skiing runs grade: beginners, medium, experts.
 Provided the temperature maintains, upper slopes will be opened on 15th of December.

Pylypets. Skiing runs grade: beginners, medium, experts.

As of December 11, the snow layer at the resort in Pylypets is about 30 centimeters (at the foot), but by the weekend it is expected about 20 cm more. The opening date is yet unknown, however, if there is snow ski season could begin on December 15.

Podobovets. Skiing runs grade: medium, experts.

As of December 11, the snow layer is 30 cm, the opening date is unknown, everything depends on natural snow.

Izky. Skiing runs grade: beginners

Currently the slope is being covered with snow cannons and on Saturday, December 15 the chair lift and the children’s bow will start working.

Vedmezha (Svalyava district). Skiing runs grade: beginners, medium.

The snow cannons have been launched, the opening is scheduled for December 25.
Voyevodyno. Skiing runs grade: beginners, medium.

Snow cannons are working, but the opening date is not yet known.

Uzhok, Termachuv, Novoselytsya, Zhdeniyevo. Skiing runs grade: beginners, medium.

Will not be working in the coming days because of the lack of natural snow.

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