More than a hundred children were dancing yesterday in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

April 29 is the International Day of Dance – the art that is understandable without words and knows no age limits, that always keeps its aficionados in great shape and good spirits, the art that strikes with variety. 

These were the emotions that were invoked in many spectators of the event that was held yesterday on Teatralna square in Uzhgorod. The feast of dance with the participation of leading dance groups of the region was traditionally organized by the Department the Culture of the RSA, Uzhgorod city council and Transcarpathian regional organizational and methodical center of culture at the initiative of the Children’s Dance Academy.  

The event began with a solemn procession of dancers led by the majorette ensemble of Uzhgorod College of Culture and Arts from the Regional Music and Drama Theater to the main stage of the festival, where the organizers welcomed the participants, their mentors and supporters, as well as townspeople and visitors of Uzhgorod. 

After the introduction, dancers took the stage. Rock and roll, tango, hip-hop, jazz, and many other styles of dancing, as well as a flash mob involving all the participants and spectators of the events were performed by the exemplary ensemble of folk dance "Dzhereltsia Karpat", students of choreographic department of Uzhgorod children’s art school, dance team "Nasha Faita", pupils of the Children’s Dance Academy, exemplary choreographic studio "Mriya", dance ensemble "Prolisok", dance group "Lileya", children’s dance group "Zefirchyk-Zirati" and members of the dance club "Rodem".  


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