Lutsenko set for Havryliuk a task to resolve the issue with Uzhgorod “Crown”

At the briefing, which Yuriy Lutsenko conducted after presenting the new prosecutor, the Prosecutor General was asked about one of the most resonant cases in Uzhgorod.

Namely, the fraud with illegal buyout at a reduced price and further destruction of the monument of architecture – the complex "Crown" on Teatralna Square. They also asked whether political "aspects" would interfere in the investigation of the case – because allegedly the real investor of the project is a tycoon Robert Brovdi close to the party "People’s Front".

Lutsenko said that he set the task for Havryliuk to give answer in this case by mid-September, and stressed on the complete impartiality of the prosecution office in this and similar matters:

"Taking this position, I did not assume any obligations – neither political nor any others. That is, I owe nothing to any party or person. Crime has no party affiliation, corruption has regionality! We will fight crimes, regardless of political flags!" – the Prosecutor General confidently said.

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