Law enforcers seized from Transcarpathians about a thousand stalks of poppy and marijuana (PHOTOS)

Cases of illegal cultivation of narcotic plants were recorded in Uzhgorod, Svalyava and Perechyn districts. Criminal proceedings have been initiated over the incidents.

In particular, Uzhgorod police found 540 poppy stalks in the village of Kholmok. The owner of the plants was an unemployed local resident. The plants were seized. This offense have signs of a crime under Art. 310 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

More than 600 poppy plants were also found in Perechyn district in the village of Simerky. In the course of the special operation "Poppy-2017", officers of the patrol police response sector together with officers of the prevention sector, and the criminal investigation found 601 poppy plants on a land plot belonging to a resident of the village. Criminal proceeding over the incident was initiated under Art. 310, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (planting or cultivation of opium poppy or cannabis).

And Svalyava police officers documented the fact of illegal cultivation of cannabis. 15 stems of plants, as well as a home-made pipe, a device for stem drying and 6 liter container with seeds of unknown origin inside were seized at the place of residence of a 17-year-old inhabitant of the village Nelipyno. Currently, the police are establishing the circumstances of the offense. It is a crime under Art. 310, Part 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.


Violation of Article 310 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (planting or cultivation of opium poppy or cannabis) is punishable by fines or even imprisonment for six months to three years, or three to seven years, depending on the severity of the crime.

Source: National Police in Transcarpathian region.


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