‘Law enforcement officials do their best’, – said the Transcarpathian police

‘Commentary on the recent significant events in the region:

– None of the mentioned events was neglected by the police. The criminal proceedings are initiated under each case and currently under investigation. Law enforcement officials do their best in order to reveal each of the criminal offenses, because one of the main priorities in the police work is bringing the perpetrators to justice. By the way, law enforcement authorities solved 2143 crimes in the region for the last 5 months, including 767 serious and particularly serious. 147 individuals involved into these crimes are taken into custody.

Hanna Valiuk, the MIA Head of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region’

Such ‘soothing’ message was provided by the regional police on the request to leave a comment on the resonance criminal cases which have recently become more frequent in Transcarpathia. We wanted to ask the chief police officer Viktor Rusyn on how they managed to let escape and still do not catch the village of Berezhnyi killer, whom already knows all Ukraine – Kopcha-senior, who ‘was released from the police hands’ after Kopcha-junior’s detention, in order to announce him once again in search. And on the results of investigation attacks against the Uzhgorod City Council Secretary Viktor Shchadei, the Regional Council Deputy Chab Peiter, when and how effective will be the answer to the Regional Council deputy’s appeal on the investigation of the criminal actions against the local governments’ representatives. We would like to hear about the achievements on the crime performers and three (!) arsons’ paymasters – the ‘Uzhgorod Castle’ restaurant terrace’s roof arson, the director of which is a member of the Uzhgorod executive committee, a chairman of regional department of Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Margarita Moshchak and set her car to fire in the private yard. And on a strange white powder, which the police officers surprisingly quickly found, as if exactly know where to look for, in a box with kiwi planting, which, the well known Uzhgorod scholar Henry Straton brought a hardy kind of kiwifruit the plant can produce good harvests in any area of the country.

Well, let us hope, that the head of the regional MIA does not have time to communicate with journalists because he intensively works on the crimes reveal…

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