Knights, horses and beautiful ladies. In a month, Transcarpathia will go back to the Middle Ages

The festival of knight tournaments, horse shows and inflammatory ancient music will begin in Transcarpathia on May 25th. This year, knights from different cities of Ukraine and even from several foreign countries will traditionally gather in the Chynadiyevo castle. It will be the festival of medieval culture "Silver Tatosh", which will be held in Transcarpathia for the eighth time.

This year, the "Silver Tatosh" will last for 3 days. While in the previous years, the event would begin on Saturday morning and end on Sunday evening, this year the organizers decided to increase the duration of the holiday. They emphasize: Friday will be a full festival day with knight fights and other entertainments. However, the official opening of the "Tatosh" will traditionally be held on Saturday morning. According to the organizer of the holiday Yuriy Slavik, the increase of the festival duration is a necessity, since every year its program expands and it is very difficult to squeeze all the events in just two days. 

It is known that on Friday, the first day of the festival, there will be a theatrical performance – the battle for the title of the best city of Transcarpathia. In Transcarpathia, there is an already traditional competition between Uzhgorod and Mukachevo. At the "Silver Tatosh", they will determine which city is best in a medieval battle. Who will win – Uzhgorod or Mukachevo? We will find out already on May 25th. 

According to the organizer of the festival Yuriy Slavik, this year the festival town itself will be slightly different, because some festival locations will be moved to another place. 

In addition to the traditional knights fights, this year, there will be horse shows the "Tatosh", and visitors will be able to enjoy poetry during the traditional evening program of the festival – "LiTatosh". This year’s concert program will also be impressive: during the concert, several Ukrainian groups, as well as a Hungarian band will play their music. Bordó Sárkány – Régizene Rend, Kelush & the Bastards, Folk group YARRA, Fram – these groups will create a special mood for the guests of the medieval town.  
In addition, there will be a children’s location and a medieval kitchen, where visitors will be able to enjoy various medieval dishes and drinks.  

Tickets for the festival can be purchased from its organizers, online and in the store "YOY" in Uzhgorod, as well as in several places in Mukachevo. Entrance for children under 7 years old is free, and children under the age of 14 can buy tickets at half price. 

So, if you are a romantic and you want to plunge into a medieval fairy tale, be patient – the "Silver Tatosh" is not far off!

 Promotional pre-sale of tickets is conducted until May 1. Details are on the Facebook page


Source: Zakarpatsky korespondent.

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