Junior scientists need support (PHOTOS)

Members of the Junior Academy of Sciences, children who already today are called the intelligence of Ukraine and its future, need help. First of all, financially. For any experiments, practical implementation of theoretical ideas require money. And young scientists hope for support of the state and local authorities in their very realistic and promising dreams.


"This year, the best students were promised cash reward of at least 400 UAH to each – a 15-year-old inventor Illya Kulakov of Feodosia said to uzhgorod.in – but they gave only 20-40 UAH, said they have no money for us. And only one card in my robot costs about 1,000 UAH, if not for the support of my parents, I would not have been able to conduct experiments.


Our journalists have found young programmers, physicists and mathematicians in a summer camp in Mukachevo district. There, three Junior Academy of Science summer schools of technical orientation are finishing their work. 

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