Ivan Baloha: reconstruction of Narodna square is not just a challenge to the public

Regional Council Chairman Ivan Baloha at the public meeting on the reconstruction of Narodna Square in Uzhgorod today, April 11, said that that project is not just a challenge to the public.

"The man who calls the square ​​a football field and a pasture, from the beginning of his appointment as the governor has been lobbying the project of building the National Bank office on Narodna Square. Now, when this project has finally been rejected, the idea of reconstruction arose. Obviously, it is either the desire to distract people from numerous problems or to draw a line for inaction over the years" – Ivan Baloha said.

He also reminded that the leaders of the regional administration want to use the regional budget money for the reconstruction, although last year they earned nothing – the budget of the region has not been fulfilled.

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