Increase of fares did not improve the behavior of bus drivers

In Uzhgorod, the driver of a city bus took from a student 5 hryvnia.

A reader reported to the that today the driver of a bus, who had picked up her son on 8 Bereznya street (in the direction of Legotsky street), despite the student card, had made the 11-year-old boy pay the full price – 5 hryvnias.

So where should passengers call in the event of violation of the rules? It should be borne in mind that in each bus, there is the information about the carrier with the contact phone number.

In case of violation of the rules by the driver, you can call directly and file an oral complaint.

A written complaint against a driver or a carrier can be submitted to the transport department of Uzhgorod City Council. 

Recall that on April 1, the fare in Uzhgorod buses increased to 5 hryvnias. It was also decided that schoolchildren would pay three hryvnias upon presentation of a student card.   

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