In Vynohradiv district four canopies burnt in two hours

At night, April 2, in the village Cherna of Vynohradiv district four canopies with hay were in fire as a result of an external source of ignition.

The first incident was reported to the emergency services at 1:58 from Molodyozhnaya Street 27, where the canopy with five hundredweights of roughage was on fire. Then, forty minutes later, farm buildings in backyards of the houses 59 and 62 started burning too. The fourth fire was set on Druzhby Street 7.

As the experts from the Office of State Industrial Safety established, the press office of the organization informs, in all four cases, fires happened as the result of arson. Material damage is being calculated.

Data on fires is passed on to the police, which is taking measures to determine the perpetrator.

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