In Uzhgorod, the police detained a group of scrap metal thieves

In Uzhgorod, law enforcement detained a group of young men, who were stealing scrap from the premises of a former medical institution. Criminal proceedings over this incident have been initiated.

The criminals were detained by officers of the regional patrol police department together with the investigating and operational group of Uzhgorod police department.

Scrap from a medical institution was stolen by four Uzhgorod residents aged 15 to 33 years. One of them has previously been prosecuted for committing property crimes.

The police began a criminal investigation into the theft combined with breaking and entering. Physical evidence was seized. The choice of the pre-trial restraint against the suspects is being decided. Law enforcers will also check the members of this group for involvement in committing other similar crimes.

The Department of Communications of Transcarpathian Regional Police

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