In Uzhgorod, replica of the burnt 200-year-old wooden church was restored by sketches and consecrated (PHOTOS)

April 7 – on the holiday of the Annunciation – in Uzhgorod at the cemetery on Peremoha street they consecrated the new-built wooden church.

According to Bishop Milan, churches at the cemeteries has long been a tradition of our people, hence the idea to implement it in Uzhgorod. The prototype for the church is the shrine in the village of Neresnytsya (Tyachiv district), which now would have turned 200 years old. But 10 years ago it burned down.Thanks to surviving sketches, they managed to build its replica in Uzhgorod. They called the new church in the regional center the Church of the Annunciation.

According to art historian Mykhailo Syrokhman, the wooden temple in Neresnytsya was built in 1813. And although it is relatively not so long ago, but the church was built according to long-standing tradition – only with saws and axes.

The construction of the church will save from the final decline the cemetery itself – for many years it has been covered with bushes.

Soon around the wooden sanctuary they will erect a fence, and inside they will start to arrange the iconostasis.


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