In Uzhgorod, priests were consecrating the city from 2 elite off-road vehicles (VIDEO)

This video was shot around 14:00 on Sunday, March 22, by Uzhgorod resident Valentin Klepakov on Zakarpatska Street in Uzhgorod. 
He was walking on the parking lot of one of the local shopping centers along 2 elite SUVs, while priests were consecrating the city from the back.
The same was recorded recently in the village of Polyana in Svalyava district.
Let’s see how it was in Uzhgorod.
As the found out, this action was organized by the leader of the Uzhgorod branch of the Party For Life, Andriy Pogorelov involving priests of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine.
Andriy Pogorelov announced the launch of the action on his Facebook page 

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