Hungarian cows died from starvation, not from a disease – the comment

Acting Chief Veterinarian of Transcarpathia Yuri Sadvari assures, "there is no threat to human health or the environment because of the situation with cow die-off in Beregovo district." The press center of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration reports.

As the veterinarian says, the information about exhausted cows was received by the specialists in early February. The corresponding prescription to the farm owner did not remedy the situation.

"To prevent die-off of other animals – and currently there are more than four hundred of them on the farm – district authorities helped to purchase 10 tons of hay and 15 tons of solid feed.Therefore, the present state of the animals is satisfactory" – Yuri Sadvari assures.

   The Veterinary Service officially confirmed the death of 17 cows – they died not from a disease (every animal on this farm was vaccinated in 2011) but from hypothermia and exhaustion. Unfortunately, this was caused by carelessness and negligence of the owners, who willfully, without permission, without notifying the relevant services, buried the dead cows.

The place of burial, and all the area has been treated with caustic soda and bleach solution. Infection tests have not revealed any disease or infection of dead animals.

   According to the law, dead animals can be disposed of at official enterprises or at cattle cemetery.The nearest of such plants is in Kolomyia. All the costs, as well as a considerable penalty for their actions, must surely be paid by the culprit – the owner of the farm", – the official concluded.    

As Zakarpattya online reported, they had received a video that captured the mass die-off of Hungarian breed cows in Beregovo district.

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