How much it will cost to greet the “year of a snake” in Uzhgorod – price list

The New Year is yet far away, but has already learnt where in the regional center and how you can meet the year 2013. It turned out that the most expensive and the most respectable institutions have not yet begun preparations to the holiday. The restaurant "Uzhgorod" asked to call back in December, the "Old Continent" and "Fanfan" – in a week, since the cost of celebrating New Year’s Eve there had not yet been calculated.

Currently, the most expensive restaurant of those which were ready to give prices, is the "Delfin" – in this house one night in the company of Santa Claus will cost 850 UAH per one person. Slightly cheaper – 800 UAH – is the restaurant "Camelot," but orders are accepted only from groups of at least 4 persons. "Detsa u notarya" offers a program with live music and folk festivals for 700 UAH per one person (here, they too, are waiting for groups of 4 people, at least). Even cheaper (500 UAH per one person) is the restaurant "Venetsia", but you must come there with an even bigger company – 15 people.  

The restaurant of the "Praha" hotel for hosting a New Year night asks 510 UAH, but they have a few seats left, because the hotel plans to receive a large group of tourists. You can have more exotic and slightly cheaper (for 410 UAH) New Year’s Eve in the nightclub of the "Praha." It offers a festive menu, disco and striptease.

The restaurant "Rubin" will also entertain its guests with striptease – for this, as well as for festive menu and disco you have to pay 550 UAH per one person. By the way, many restaurants have decided not to work on New Year’s night. Such decision, in particular, has been taken in "Uzhgorodsky Zamok," "Kolyba", "Retro", "Argo", "Drakon", "Jin", "Tenshi".

As for the New Year corporate events, which are usually celebrated a week before the New Year, then to have fun with colleagues in "Dragon" will cost from 65 to 120 UAH per one person, in the "Jin" corporate event costs 120 hryvnias, in "Argo" – 150, in "Uzhgorodsky Zamok" and "Kolyba" – 180, in "Retro", "Detsa u notarya" and "Praha" – 200 , in the "Venetsia" – 220, in the "Delfin" – 250, and in "Camelot" – 300 UAH per one person.  

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