Guests of the Night in Uzhgorod castle will be met by Count Miklos Bercsenyi and his wife Krisztina Csaky (Announcement)

In the evening, on Saturday, May 20, Uzhgorod Castle will plunge into the atmosphere of romance and art.

The "Night at the Uzhgorod castle" will take place in the main building of the regional center.

Last week, Transcarpathian Local History Museum opened its doors on the Museum Day, and for the Night, they decided to hold a special program. 

The guests will spend the Night in Uzhgorod castle in the company of the people who transformed it from a gloomy fortress into a cultural center. At the end of the XVII century, Count Miklos Bercsenyi became the owner of Uzhgorod castle. He also made the last adjustment to the palace. And thanks to his second wife, Krisztina Csaky, the castle became the center of social life. And these people, that are important for the history of the castle, will be meeting the guests at the event and will help to plunge into the unique atmosphere. Meet the host of the event – "Krisztina Csaky" Olena Pyshka and "Miklos Bercsenyi" Mykola Karpenko!


Also, during the Night at Uzhgorod castle, there will be a concert of the incredible, unique, and inimitable Academic Chamber Choir "Cantus". Special guest of the Night at the Museum will be unsurpassed "Blitz!" The Fire Theater Fire Life will make the event even more vibrant and mystical! Their performance is expected after midnight. And champagne treats are just one of the surprises that await you during the night in Uzhgorod castle. There will be several items of the program that have not been announced! But the most important thing is a special mood and atmosphere that can be felt only at Uzhgorod Castle and only at night.

The beginning is at 21.00, tonight! Details can found on the page of the event in Facebook.

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