Gas pistol was confiscated from a Ukrainian at the customs post “Tisa” (PHOTOS)

At the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, Transcarpathian customs officers, together with border guards, stopped a Ukrainian man who was carrying a weapon without a declaration and permits. 
Returning from Ukraine to the Czech Republic, a 35-year-old Donetsk resident "parked" his car TOYOTA PROACE model in the simplified control – "green corridor". 
However, based on the results of the analysis and risk assessment, customs officers took the car out of the general queue for an in-depth inspection. 
As a result, a gas pistol and 7 cartridges for it were found in the door niche for driver’s personal belongings. The man acknowledged the weapon as his property, saying he had bought it and ammunition in the Czech Republic, where he works as a private entrepreneur, for self-defense. But the driver did not have the permits from law enforcement agencies required to carry such weapons. 
Therefore, these actions have signs of violation of customs rules provided for in Article 471 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. An investigative team was called to the scene to find out all the circumstances of the case. The gas pistol "EKOL Majarov" of 9 mm caliber (for firing gas cartridges) and the ammunition for it were seized. 
Transcarpathian customs of the State Customs Service 


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