Exotic off-spring (PHOTOFACT)

The living exhibition of the Uzhgorod exo-bar "Aquarium" has expanded – this time, the first in Transcarpathia baby of the Egyptian rousette, or, in other words, Nile fruit bat, was born, – the Zakarpattya.online writes.

Rousettes, just like our bats, spend most of their time hanging upside down. That is why, females deliver babies into their wings, which are modified anterior paws of these mammals.

For now, the baby is holding firmly on the hair on the mother’s chest. Therefore, it is not so easy to see the baby rousette on it’s mother’s chest – most of the time she carefully covers the baby with her wings. Moreover, during almost the entire Sunday, the father-rousette was also covering the mother and the baby with his wings. And only when the mother spreads her wings, or flies, one see the baby holding firmly on the hair on her chest.

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