During a charity concert in border Chop, townspeople raised more than 4 thousand hryvnia to support the army (PHOTOS)

The concert organizers gave half of charitable donations raised thanks to people, who attended the event, to the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers for the purchase of the thermal imager. The other half will be given to soldiers – Chop residents drafted to the army.

On Saturday evening, November 29, in the house of culture in the border Chop, there was a concert to support the Ukrainian army.  Art groups and vocalists of the city children’s music school, pupils of the city schools, amateur artists took part in the event. In addition, soldiers of the Chop border guard detachment performed their own songs.

During the concert, the audience had the opportunity to see dances of folk dance ensembles "Arabesque" and "Nargis", to listen to classical music performed by an ensemble of violinists "Skertsyno", Hungarian choir "Harmony" and pupils of children’s music school, poems by students of the city schools, vocal performances of solo artists. 

The location "Photo of a patriot" was also very popular – people all but lined up to have their photo taken on the background of the national flag. Nearby, a gift shop was arranged, where various patriotic gifts were sold. Children were also offered to write a letter or draw a picture that Transcarpathian volunteers will take to the ATO area as charms for soldiers.

As a result of the charity event, they raised 4,230 UAH. The organizers gave half of that amount to the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldeirs to buy a necessary thermal imager. The rest of the money will be used for the needs of the soldiers – residents of Chop involved in the ATO. 

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