Driver lost his ‘Neoplan’ which costs a quarter of million due to 380 cigarette boxes

The next customs regulations violation was recorded by the Chop customs office officers at ‘Luzhanka’ checkpoint that is on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border.  

The passenger ‘Neoplan’ bus returning with 42 passengers from the excursion across Transcarpathia to Mishkolts (Hungary) drove at the bus lane for customs and border control passing. However, the customs officials decided to conduct the vehicle inspection in-depth and sent it to the ‘red corridor’.

260 tobacco products’ boxes of Belarusian production were found when checking the bus luggage compartment under a decorative covering by inspectors. The access to the hidden violation objects was possible only after the one of the luggage covers opening and unscrewing the leveling screws that fixed the corner bar to the decorative covering on the luggage compartment top.

Besides, 120 Belarusian cigarette packs were found in two structural cavities for the TV-set. The hidden from the customs control 380 cigarette packs belonged to the bus driver, who tried to transfer them to Hungary in an unlawful manner and resell them there.

The current legislation violation protocol was written according to the new Customs Code of Ukraine Article 483, Part 1. The revealed cigarettes and bus, with 250000 hryvnia price, which was used for hidden goods moving, were removed till the court decision, – informs Victoriia Sengetovska, the Chop customs office press secretary.  

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