DoboFest and concert of the Hungarian rock star in Uzhgorod district (ANNOUNCEMENT)

NGO "Pro Cultura Subcarpathica" for the sixth time is organizing the holiday in honor of Istvan Dobo. This year’s DoboFest will last for two days and will be held on September 7-8 in the village of Chaslivtsi and the village of Serednye. 

The holiday will be celebrated in Uzhgorod district, as Istvan Dobo, one of the greatest heroes of Hungarian history, was a native of Serednye. His life serves as an example for Hungarians in and outside Hungary.

The program includes festive folk music and dances, craft workshops, wine tasting and the finest cuisine of our region. The culmination of the festival will be the performance of the Hungarian rock star Kerestes Ildiko, which will be the final chord of the first day of the event and will take place on the evening of September 7 in the village of Chaslivtsi.

The festival will start at 16:00.

Admission is free!

Co-organizers of the holiday are Chaslivtsi village council and Serednye village council.




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