Do you have overdue utility payments? ACMH will give Transcarpathians the opportunity to work them out voluntarily

Under the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, Associations of Co-Owners of Apartment Houses (ACMHs) will be able to recover payment from debtors in the form of "barter". The government allowed ACMHs to enter into special agreements with tenants and employ them in public work on account of utilities debt repayment. It applies to overdue poayments for the maintenance of the house and the adjoining territory.

It should be noted that no one will be forced to work. Such agreements require a mutual consent of the ACMH and the tenant. For example, if the owner of one of the apartments does not have money to pay the bills, he or she can, upon the agreement with the ACMH, paint the hallway, clean the adjoining territory, etc. 

"The decision is intended to ensure the law-guaranteed right of co-owners of a apartment houses to take advantage of the opportunity to repay the debt for maintenance of the house by doing works for the maintenance of the joint property in the apartment house" – the document reads. The cost of the works shall also be set by ACMHs. Moreover, their cost can not be greater than the amount of debt. 


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