Did you apply to the university? Useful information for entrants

At the beginning of entrance campaign uzhgorod.in spoke with the executive secretary of UzhNU Andriy Horvat in order to once again convey to the reader the nuances of the main period in the lives of future students. Thus, the most important items are the following:

  1. Selection committee of UzhNU emphasizes that the period of documents’ submission does not affect the entrance ranking. Therefore, we urge parents and students not to come, at least, simultaneously at 9 am. The first days have shown that all the documents can be issued in a couple of minutes.
  2. The following documents must be submitted to the examining board:

– 6 color photo size 3×4;

– Original high school certificate and addition to it;

– Certificates on passage EIT;

– Passport (1,2,11 pages);

– Identification code;

– Medical certificate;

– Registration certificate (for boys).

All the required copies can be made immediately, at the university notarized as well.

  1. Applicants have the right to submit documents to five higher educational establishments, each of them – in 3 directions.
  2. Admission to UzhNU will take place in three ‘waves’. I – from August 1 to August 5, the second – to August 7, on August 8 will be released the results, III – up to August 10. During these periods applicant must provide commission with original documents. These days, the commission will work seven days a week.
  3. Rating score of entrants consists of points earned on EIT (maximum for one subject – 200 points) the average score of certificate from school on an adequate scale and transferred in the rating score (maximum – 200).
  4. On the ground floor of the University lobby is a consultant of examining board that will help applicants to make a package of necessary documents.

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