Customs officers found “extra” women’s shoes worth 120 thousand hryvnia

According to the documents, which were provided by a «RENAULT» lorry driver at the Chop Customs checkpoint "Tisa", he was exporting from Ukraine 9792 pairs of women’s shoes. A Ukrainian company, working with raw materials supplied by a customer, was exporting the branded women’s shoes and boots to Italy.

The driver provided all required documents for customs clearance. However, when customs inspectors compared the declared weight of the cargo with the actual one, it turned out that they were not the same. This discrepancy was the basis for an in-depth examination.

As a result, customs officers found 570 pairs of autumn women’s shoes not stated in the declaration. The goods that they illegally tried to export to Italy were estimated at almost 120000 hryvnia.

The company representative explained that the goods had been processed by the declarant, who works at the company. Under the new Customs Code of Ukraine, a declarant has the right to inspect the goods and in the case of self-declaration shall be liable for committing a violation of customs regulations.

Since the company declarant had not stated accurate and reliable information on the goods subject to obligatory declaration in the prescribed form, Chop customs officials wrote a report on violation of customs regulations under Article 472 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. "Extra" 570 pairs of shoes have been seized till the court makes its decision – Chop customs press service informs.

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