“Cossack beyond the Danube” is again in the Regional Philharmonics (Announcement)

December 23, at 18.30 at the Great Hall of the Transcarpathian Regional Philharmonic, there will be a performance of the comic opera by Gulak-Artemowski "Cossack beyond the Danube".

The recent premiere of the opera on our stage aroused great interest in musical circles in the region and showed that we have a lot of fans of classical opera. The audience enthusiastically watched humorous scenes of Odarka and Karas, lyrical parts of Oksana and Andriy, comic image of Selikh-Agha and original reincarnation of People’s Artist of Ukraine Petro Matiy into the Turkish Sultan. The nature and content of the opera, its musical excellence and high patriotic spirit are relevant now more than ever and found a warm response in the hearts of the audience.

The Philharmonic Orchestra is involved in the project, as well as the Honored Academic Transcarpathian Folk Choir (art director – Natalia Petiy-Potapchuk) and soloists: Karas – Mykhailo Podkopaev, Odarka – Yustina Didyk, Oksana – Miroslava Shvakh-Pekar, Andriy – Oleksandr Tovt, Sultan – Petro Matiy, Ibragim-Ali – Volodymyr Vogel, Selikh-Agha – Yuri yKuzma. The text is recited by Natalia PITSUR. Conductor – Victoria SVALYAVCHYK-TSANKO.

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