“Coordinator” Doroshenko was fired from the RSA, and the audit was initiated to find out where the money of the community for the ATO is

The head of the region Vasyl Hubal ordered to disband the regional Coordination Center, engaged in the distribution of aid for the ATO. Instead, there will be the organization involving volunteers and the ATO participants family members, the press service of the RSA informed.

The head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Vasyl Hubal, who together with the chairman of the regional council Ivan Baloha met today with soldiers, participants of the ATO, their families and heads of security agencies and regional services, announced his decision regarding the regional Coordination Center.

This organization was established at the RSA for "assisting the territorial defense battalion and distribution of the funds for the ATO." Late last week, Vasyl Hubal requested from Hryhoriy Doroshenko – the head of the Center – a detailed and public report on the activity of the organization, in particular on the use of the funds allocated from the regional budget and collected by the community. However, this has not happened. Today, at the meeting when Mr. Doroshenko was invited to report, he again did not say any specific figures, instead he said that the Center allegedly was supposed to help and helps only the Transcarpathian territorial defense battalion. Then Mr. Doroshenko was reminded that the Regional Council had allocated the funds for all soldiers, including those who went to the front while the battalion remained in the region. Having received no concrete answers, Vasyl Hubal decided and ordered to disband the Coordination Centre and to perform the audit of its activities. According to the head of the region, instead of this organization, an effective body will be established with representatives of the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers and Wives (that the head of the RSA initiated to be formed of the ATO participants family members) and volunteers who have proven their ability to effectively assist the army. The organization will be dealing with organizational issues concerning aid for participants of the ATO, social and other problems of soldiers and their families. The body will be acting on the principles of openness and transparency.

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