Coldsnap is coming to Transcarpathia

Due to the invasion of the Arctic cold air mass and movement of the cold front zone through Transcarpathian region, a noticeable decrease in air temperature is expected: March 31 – at night, the temperature will be + to -3°, in the mountains –4 to -9°, in the daytime +3 to +8°, in the mountains 0 to -5°; April 1 – at night –2 to -8°, in the daytime +3 to +, in the mountains up to -2°. On March 30-31, in the mountains there will be occasional snow, on some parts of the mountain roads there will be ice. The temperature drop can cause damage to and death of flowers and fruit ovary of early-flowering fruit crops: apricot, peach (I, yellow danger level).
Transcarpathian Hydrometeorological Center

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