Chinese Scales are dangerous for health

"Ukrmetrteststandart" found in the markets of Ukraine certified commercial electronic scales and electronic platform scales made in China, according to UNN, citing the press service of the company.

The use of cheap low-quality Chinese scales, which are the main instrument of fraud in Ukraine becomes massive and is growing into a social problem, according to the "Ukrmetrteststandart."

Besides being faulty in the operation, which is 10-20 times worse than the permissible limits, they are also dangerous for a user. These scales have no markings of the manufacturer, and the materials of which they are made, are toxic and dangerous. In addition, some of them do not meet the requirements of electrical safety, thus they don’t provide protection in case of human contact with current-carrying parts, and become a threat to the user.
Ukrainian legislation provides punishment for cheating on a consumer fining from 34 UAH up to 255 UAH (Part 1 of Art. 17 of the Law of Ukraine on Administrative Violations).

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