Children’s Railway may be transferred to the balance sheet of Uzhgorod

Uzhgorod Children’s Railway is one of the most attractive tourist sites of the city, which has been in decline for ten years. Now it is on the balance sheet of the regional branch of Lviv railways. 

Although in 2013 the City Council of the regional center decided to take this facility on their balance sheet for reconstruction, there has been no progress. This was discussed during a meeting ar the Regional State Administration, during which they discussed the prospects of narrow-gauge railways operation in Transcarpathian region, particularly in Uzhgorod.

As noted by representative of Uzhgorod City Hall Olga Travina, correspondence between departments and agencies has been going on for the past three years. In particular, the regional administration supported the position of Uzhgorod City Council and wrote a corresponding appeal to the Ministry of Infrastructure. One of the last letters states that in 2014 the Ministry of Infrastructure ordered the State Administration of Railway Transport to prepare and submit to the Ministry the relevant draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. According to representative of Uzhgorod directorate of rail transportation, the Lviv railways is considering the issue of transfer.

– If it only takes a decision of the Cabinet to transfer the Children’s Railway to the balance sheet of the city, we will prepare it. No pain, no gain! Can’t they write one document in three years?  I will personally bring a draft decision to the Ministry to preserve the city’s history.

Hennadiy Moskal instructed the Tourism Department of the RSA to prepare a document so that he could finally settle the matter during the next trip to the capital.

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