Cards are dealt. The “game” with a special tourist deck in Uzhgorod continues (PHOTOS)

Uzhgorod card: the new tourist project of Uzhgorod has reached the third stage, the 8’s have been "dealt" – Fedir Shandor informs.

Everyone who comes to the capital of Transcarpathia – the ancient Ungvar – will know what to see and how to properly take a picture of it. 

Transcarpathian smiths Stepan Rusnak and Roman Murnik have created a unique project "Uzhgorod card".

36 classical wrought iron playing cards will be located in the most popular places of our beautiful city.

In each card, there is a cut out symbol of Uzhgorod – a branch of the grape cluster, through which you need to take a proper Uzhgorod picture.

Uzhgorod photo hunt continues: the third set (8’s) from the Uzhgorod deck have been dealt. Collect the Uzhgorod deck of cards!

Every week, the smiths will place cards in new places until the day of the city – September 27, 2018.


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