Calendar of cherry blossoming. April 22 (PHOTOS)

 Time "S" has come! Time of sakura blossoming and photographing near these beautiful trees shrouded in pale pink flowers.

 Transcarpathians would not be Transcarpathians if they had not come up with the legend about who and how brought these trees here.

Once, the Japanese were traveling to visit the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I and were carrying gifts – sakura plants. Their way was going through Transcarpathia. Of course, local people wanted to have such beauty for themselves, so several trees were stolen from the Japanese delegation.

 The seedlings took root surprisingly quickly, but did not give fruit. However, they became the highlight of the region that attracts tourists to Transcarpathian in spring.

We keep following the calendar of cherry blossom (#sakura_blossoming), and as of April 22, sakuras in Vynogradiv have started to slough, but in Uzhgorod and Mukachevo are in full bloom.

So hurry up, but remember: #save_sakuras!


Photo by Valentina Hornetski

Виноградів 1
Виноградів 2
Виноградів 4


Photo by Maksim Adamenko

Мукачево (1)
Мукачево 2 (1)
Мукачево 3 (1)


Photo by Yulianna Malik

ужгород 2
Ужгород 5
Ужгород 1

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